New Dawn, New Day

With the current condition of the world, we are all re-thinking our approaches to life and livelihood. This introductory story on the VG Blog, aspires to enlighten us to the opportunities that grow from obstacles and challenges.

The world does not just stop. No matter what occurs, a new day dawns and we must thankfully embrace it, take whatever motivation we possess within, and "make something". "Making something" is the most basic survival instinct there is. We make food, we make homes, we make health, education, and safety accessible to others through our services, etc. With each day, we must continue to make "something", even when what we were doing the day prior, is over.

If your whole world has changed, and you are unsure what to make today, try to view yourself as if you stepped outside of you, and observe. This is kind of what it means to "think outside the box" - this time the box is you; not your business or a project...Step outside and look at you - make a list of all the things you love about the person you are observing (you). Think of how these things could be used to "make something"...then contact VG, and see how to turn the something you want to make, into the livelihood that was misplaced.

Every single person has something that can help another. Find your "something" and make it!

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