Veronica Goodacre

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Hi, I'm Veronica,
a Seasoned Administrative Support Professional

With a Bachelor's Degree in Education, plus over 30 years of management, administrative,  sales, and customer service experience, you can depend on outstanding results for any communication and correspondence need.

What Can I Do For You?

Written Correspondence 

Business Letters, Thank You Letters, Cover Letters, Intro Letters, and more


Web Sites & Social Media
Power Point Presentations
Research, Essays and Reports
Data Entry
Appointment & Service Calls

Secure Travel Arrangements

Scheduling & Calendar Assistance

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Administrative Support

Easily accomplish important tasks related to your business and personal correspondence needs.  Masterful, engaging writing style will enable you to express your message with clarity, precision, and grammatical perfection.  Attention to detail, repeated review to ensure zero error, and an assured final product will result in your confidence and success.

Customer Support Icon

Customer Support

Provide consistent outreach and follow-up to your clients, customers, and potential business associates.  Having routine contact via phone, email, social media and text enables you to compliment your endeavors and helps you stand out to those with whom you want to leave an impression.

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Personal Assistant

Get it done now without any more dread.  Write that letter, make that call, do that resume, start that project!  Schedule those appointments...Stop making last-minute travel arrangements.  Get control of your daily calendar. Anything you are dreading, delaying, procrastinating, or forgetting can be started and completed for you.

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Presentations, Reports, Spreadsheets, Websites & Social Media

Do you need professional media created to accomplish your latest project?  Expertise in all aspects of building presentations, reports, spreadsheets, even websites from provided data, will give you  laudable results.

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Appointment Setting, Travel Arrangements & Calls

Do you need some help setting/getting appointments and/or travel arrangements?  Get assistance with accomplishing calendar management, scheduling, outgoing calls and completing daily goals.

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Do you provide a service to people that you bill for?  Have professional invoices created and sent to provide documentation and payment requests to clients and customers.

Quick turnaround times for completion 

Trusted by Companies and Entrepreneurs
Throughout the Country

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Let's get to work!